About ABEX / DECOMEX (Decommissioning Estimation)

Decommissioning of facilities is expected to increase significantly in the coming years, and the largest of such industrial decommissioning projects could command considerable budgets. Several approaches are currently being used for decommissioning cost estimations, with an international culture developing in the field. The preparation of decommissioning estimation as part of the decommissioning plans, for the securing of funds and for decommissioning implementation is based on practices and standards in different countries.

The methodologies for decommissioning estimation process are focussed on main components of the plants, although it mainly addresses single-unit sites, the approach is applicable to multiple-unit sites as well. With appropriate adjustments for the physical differences, the estimation process applied to any facility including nuclear plants, oil & gas facilities, process plants,  and other sites.

We are Asset Decommissioning Estimation Provider

We have experience preparing ABEX/DECOMEX estimations from a technical perspective using CAF-CAPEX cost data, to reflect the “demolition” configuration of the facility. We apply different methods for ABEX/DECOMEX estimations, that often consists of apply benchmarked values on objective measurements obtained from Asset Databooks values.
The estimation models are based on the characteristics of the facility, Law – Government framework and local requirements using relative estimation ratios, such as cost curves and ratios, that help determining “deconstruction” estimation by comparing similar historical scopes.

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