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    CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
    Founder of Caf-Corporation Cost Engineering Ltd. MSc; Industrial Engineer with more than 35 years of experience in Oil & Gas, petrochemical and mining. Specialized in planning, cost control and project estimation in Oil, Gas, petrochemical, and mining related industries. Extensive experience in projects from conceptual to detailed phase, with international scope and direct contact at the construction site. Prominent member of AACE and PMI. Experience in LNG Technologies and Floating LNG (FLNG).
      Roberto Ruiz O.
      COO (Chief Operating Officer)
      Oil & Gas Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in Project Management and Cost Estimating in the Oil & Gas, Industrial and Mining sectors, leading multi-disciplinary teams in the design and construction phases of national and international projects. His track record demonstrates his ability to manage complex projects, implement effective strategies and deliver successful results, with strong skills in cost estimating, budget management and negotiation.
        CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)
        Professional with 10 years of experience in international consulting and university professor/researcher. Specialized in: - Market Research Executive. - Specialized training in trade and internationalization - Internationalization Project Manager - Travel to different countries and areas to research information for clients on different aspects of the business market. - Research opportunities in various market sectors for investment in foreign countries and territories. - Preparation of reports, presentations and discussions with clients on international business opportunities.
          CBO (Chief Business Officer)
          Industrial Engineer with an important history of value creation in the Oil & Gas / Energy / Industrial / Water & Wastewater Treatment / Lithium sectors, currently executive in multinational engineering services in Santa Cruz - Bolivia, in charge of the Business and Operations Management, developing their business lines, identifying new opportunities and providing solutions to clients in different regions of Latin America. All his experience has been acquired through different technical, commercial and managerial positions in international companies in LatAm.
            CLO (Chief Legal Officer)
            Legal professional with extensive experience in key areas such as corporate law, international law and compliance, specializing in the dynamic and challenging context of start-ups. His focus is on providing strategic legal advice to ensure that the company operates ethically, efficiently and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Experience in: Strategic legal analysis, contract and negotiation management, compliance program implementation, conflict resolution and litigation, international expansion counseling, transactional legal due diligence, effective communication and interdepartmental collaboration.
              CPO (Chief Product Officer)
              Co-founder of Caf-Corporation Cost Engineering - She has been in charge of ensuring digital quality and content structure. She has also managed the correct use of the BIM methodology through the different resources and regularizing the creation of contents. She has performed the following functions, among others: - Software and platforms - Model management (changes, quality...etc.) - Settles workflows - Assistant for team meetings - Technical support in collision localization - BIM user manual - Implements and coordinates BIM Execution Plan (BEP) compliance - Standardizes standards - Ensures good interoperability
                CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
                Expert Project Owner in software development, applications, e-commerce and IT solutions with more than 10 years of experience. Experience in the realization of architecture definitions, infrastructure and creation of development guidelines of the applications and products implemented in the Caf-Corporation area, he has also been the person in charge of managing all development and technology resources and is the leader of the development team, directing the work of technical managers, backend and front-end developers, infrastructure and database specialists.

                Our deep knowledge of Total Cost Management allows us to provide the support that is needed throughout the project cost life cycle, from the initial estimation phase to cost management, including project completion, based on Artificial Intelligence  and benchmarking methodologies. This allows you to improve your project performance, optimizing the capital investments and stay ahead of the competition.

                We deal With The Aspects Of Professional Cost Engineering Services

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                We Provide collaborative solutions based on “Data Analysis” and “Cost Benchmarking” technology for budgetary estimation of industrial projects. The availability of this type of information is vital in the decision-making exercises of industrial corporations.


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                  DATABASE PROGRESS
                  Process Equipment Database
                  Oil & Gas Project Development Databse
                  Renewable Energy Project Cost Database
                  Utilitary databases

                  We offer the databases, tools and techniques to Estimate your Project, or we can adapt a version to your needs.

                  DATABASE PROGRESS

                  How Caf-Corporation Helps Your Organization Grow And Successful

                  Cost Engineering Project Support

                  Provide services to support client team for improvements through periodical and accurate information.

                  Knowledge - Training

                  Using CAF-ACADEMY Platform to provide the latest state of art of Cost Engineering Recommended Practices.

                  Project Cost Databases – Provider

                  Using CAF-CAPEX Platform to provide all in one information needed to develop Project cost Estimations.

                  Cost Engineering Consultancy

                  Cost Engineering Consultancy for project cost improvements through periodical and accurate information

                  Development of Questionnaires

                  We help clients save time by conducting research into trends and better practices

                  Data Processing & Analysis

                  We can highlight areas where cost savings can be made

                  Preparation & Reporting

                  We were founded on this principle and we will always be committed to it.

                  Strategy & Make Decision

                  Our goal is simple, to make things that people care about.

                  We’re ready to transform the way you Estimate your Project.

                  When we say all in one, we certainly strive that all the tools that a Cost Estimating Professional needs are integrated. The growth process of the Databases and Tools is done in accordance with the requirements of the users. 

                  Caf-Capex Databases were designed with the objective of providing information necessary to carry out cost estimates for Industrial Projects, based on generic cost curves for several types of equipment families, generated through benchmarking techniques and Multiple Regression Analysis.

                  The comparative curves simulate Component Cost as a function of a capacity variable or combination of variables. The cost curves, man hours of installation and other information contained in this application can be used to develop the total cost of capital (CAPEX) of a process plant or any construction infrastructure.

                  At your disposal cost index tools, you can adjust them using “Caf-Cost-Index” online, do not waste time waiting for an updated edition, you will always have the information up to date.

                  By visiting our site, registered companies or estimators can access and use certain information on your device about updated information that is very helpful in estimating project cost estimates.

                  Cost estimating users find a wide variety of tools and information in one place, specially dedicated to facilitate the work of a Project Cost Estimating Professional

                  We have a wide variety of cost manuals for plant components in all disciplines and technologies

                  About Our Manuals
                  We Offer a Wide Variety of Project Cost Databases
                  Our Services

                  We are a company that offers complete consultancy services, database provider and training in the area of cost estimation for industrial projects. Our consulting services will help companies develop Industrial Project Costing using the latest technology in order to streamline their budget approval processes with shareholders throughout the project life cycle. We will provide complete training for the use of the offered solutions and a variety of B-Learning and “Total Cost Management” courses.

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                  We are Caf-Corporation Cost Engineering Company. Providing the highest quality in Cost Engineering Services and Project Cost Database.

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