CAF-CAPEX DATABASE is a structured and comprehensive knowledgebase designed to Cost Estimating professionals, the estimators can choose from parametric equipment models to detailed unit-rate data for all typical project disciplines, which include other parameters like Installation Mhrs and weights.
With the central database architecture of CAF-CORPORATION, client knowledge remains secure and available when they need it, and options for customized databases are available as per client request.
The CAF-CAPEX DATABASE information has been previously benchmarked with other third parties Databases, for example, some well-known datasets such as Compass International, Richardson and Page & Nations. In that benchmarking process, CAF-CORPORATION has applied the International statistic standards to obtain trusted data based on regression analysis methodology which include the feature to be real time updated using an owned Cost Index Database (CAF-COST INDEX DATABASE).

“We’re ready to transform the way you Estimate your Project.

When we say all in one, we certainly strive that all the tools that a Cost Estimating Professional needs are integrated.

The growth process of the Databases and Tools is done in accordance with the requirements of the users.”
Carlos Fuenmayor

Product features



All database is USGC reference based.

Include CAFCAPEX WORLDWIDE LOCATION FACTOR for more than 180 Countries to adjust of client location.

Optimization and Location Factor tool included.

Adjustment for particular Countries available at request. 

All in one tool for Project Cost Estimators

When we say all in one, we certainly strive that all the tools that a Cost Estimating Professional needs are integrated. The growth process of the Databases and Tools will go in accordance with the requirements of the users.

Data obtained from benchmarked curves.

The comparative curves simulate Component Cost as a function of a capacity variable or combination of variables. The cost curves, man hours of installation and other information contained in this application can be used to develop the total cost of capital (CAPEX) of a process plant or any construction infrastructure.

Time adjustable online by the user using CAF-CAPEX COST INDEX


Internal Forum for sharing and request advisory – See CAF-CAPEX COST ENGINEERING CORNER / FORUM

Cost estimating users find a wide variety of tools and information in one place, specially dedicated to facilitate the work of a Project Cost Estimating Professional.

Estimators can access and use certain information on their device about updated information and professional knowledge that is very helpful in estimating project cost estimates.

Database available to be installed on client Server environment under CAF-CORPORATION Administration and License agreement.


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Project Cost Engineering Advisor - Oil & Gas & Renewable Energy with more than 30 years of solid experience in oil & gas/Petrochemical industry, He has strong qualifications in Project Cost Estimation Management, both Owner and EPC contractor side environment, with broad exposure to international regulations, quality standards, diverse working environments and clientele, for plants in operation as well as under construction (Brownfield – Turnaround – Strong Experience). master’s degree in finance management. He has worked as principal role in Cost Benchmarking for Onshore-offshore Projects, and with Operation Project and Turnaround Experience as Cost Estimating Head for around 5 years. Also, has experience as industrial consultant, with outstanding Bid process experience and analytical skills to assess problems and provide reliable solutions. During a period of 4 years assigned as Cost Estimation support for ENI LNG Technology Team.

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