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We Started Caf-Corporation Company

  • We founded as a Cost Estimating training and support company in Venezuela.
  • We started designing and gathering process plant project cost data from close-out oil & gas project information.  

We Have an Expert Team

  • We started with a group of expert team to build up a powerful tool for project cost estimators.
  • The inclusion of the Cost Benchmarking and data analysis as focused parameters and perspective transformed the configuration and purposes of databases’ content.

We founded the Company In USA

  • Looking for USA market we register the firm in Florida continuing with the business development plans.

We started growing substantially in data quantity and quality

We started CAF-CAPEX Tool focussed in three approaches:
  • Pick up information tool for Equipment & Bulk material Cost, Man hours for installation.
  • Owner / EPC approach Cost Estimating Tool.
  • Construction Subcontractor Cost Estimating Tool

We moved to Spain to refund the Company

  • We expect to cover a worldwide business target from Spain, keeping in mind any adjustment to go forward following our vision statement. 

We started the acceleration process in the Telefónica Andalucía Open Future hub

  • An initiative to support technology-based entrepreneurship based on innovation, promoted by the Junta de Andalucía, Telefónica, Cordoba City Council, IMDEEC and PCT Cartuja.

Our Plan of Investing

Our plans are divided into 2 phases which include:

First phase: “Core Team” Establishment phase  and start of “Early monetization” :

    • We will complete our CORE TEAM, making all our team members owners of Caf-Corporation.
    • We will complete the development of Kpex™, optimizing all already included products and features in order to start the “Early monetization”
    • We are in the process of preparing our Pre-SEED investment round.
    • With the Pre-SEED of Caf-Corporation it is expected to gain momentum for the consolidation of this phase and we hope to underwrite the objective of 160 k euros, to develop 2 softwares; KostosTCM and KostosBUILD
    • Once the foundations have been laid with the success of the round in 2023, we will continue to comply with a second phase that refers to the fulfillment of our commercial milestones.

Second phase:  “Consolidation” :

    • Undertake the Kpex™ pilot project in capital projects throughout the energy sector.
    • Complete our SEED investment round to raise an additional 500 k to boost our TECH business.
    • Continue improving CAF-CAPEX™ functionality to speed up commercial implementation.

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