RAN valuation

We have experience preparing valuations from a technical perspective using CAF-CAPEX cost data, to reflect the unique configuration of the facility. Asset valuation is the process of determining the fair market value of an asset.
We apply different methods for Asset valuation, that often consists of apply benchmarked values on objective measurements obtained from Asset Databooks values.
The Absolute value models value assets is based only on the characteristics of that asset using relative valuation ratios, such as cost curves and ratios, that help determining asset valuation by comparing similar assets.

Recent experience Incahuasi CPF – RAN Valuation

We apply benchmarked values on objective measurements obtained from Asset Databooks values to obtain an accurate value adapted to location factors and the difference between the construction ejecution which is stated on the Project Data book compared to the  benchmarked data obtained from the CAF-CAPEX database. Incahuasi CPF was an example of how to adapt the figure from the scope written with the actual value of the asset.

Project Valuation Result vs Accounting value of Project

  • Investors prefer transparency and independence with no conflicts of interest in connection with determining and reporting net asset values.
  • Having qualified, reputable third-party valuation providers selected prior
    to launching a new fund is increasingly becoming a prerequisite to attracting new capital.
  • Third-party valuations enhance the credibility of investor reporting and provide benchmarks for fund-raising and the calculation of management fees.
  • Independent valuations are often relied upon for redemptions, capital calls, and interfund transfers.

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