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Ad hoc signifies a solution for a specific purpose, problem, or task rather than a generalized solution adaptable to collateral instances. Ad hoc estimation teams, requested by companies as support are created frequently for a specific task or project.

  • CAPEX (Capital Expenditure Cost Estimation)
For Class V; IV; III (AACE) Estimations
  • OPEX (Operating Cost Estimation)
  • ABEX/DECOMEX (Decommissioning Estimates)

The objective is to provide another cost estimating data point to compare against the EPC contractor. In such cases, it is normally desired for the parallel check estimate to be completed in advance of the owner receiving the final FEED package estimate from the contractor. That way, a review of the parallel check estimate can be conducted with the owner, providing independent third-party perspectives. Often times, a comparative analysis is developed by CAF-CORPORATION using both the EPC’s and CAF-CORPORATION’ estimate to identify and highlight the gaps.

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