The Project Cost Estimation Team Mission:

Developing reliable cost estimates have been difficult for owner’s companies across for many years, and no doubt this is the main goal of a Project Cost Estimation Organization. In my opinion there are 3 key features to build up a world class CE organization:

      1. ✔ Should have Cost Estimating Best International Practices Guides & Procedures
      2. ✔ Should have SharePoint apps for Cost Estimating Team spread in all locations.
      3. ✔ Should have Cost Estimating Knowledge – Training Plans

?- Cost Estimating Best International Practices Guides & Procedures:

A Project Cost Estimation Guides help companies use funds wisely in achieving their missions, so having them is recommendable but if your team have them and those guides are no-updated and no-benchmarked your team probably would stay in the last wagon of the train.

Addressing generally accepted best practices for ensuring reliable cost estimates (applicable across any industry)

? – SharePoint Apps for Cost Estimating Team :

Project cost estimation softwares designed for organizations should cover from conceptual estimates for feasibility studies to detailed estimates help to work and develop sound budgets. Remember working only with spreadsheets you cannot control, validate, or standardize any of the inputs or formula calculations within each estimate and make heavy the labor to perform automatic statistic analysis.

? – Cost Estimating Knowledge – Training Plans :

Business training allows workers to acquire new knowledge and skills and adapt to the latest advances in their sector, such as new technologies or new work techniques. Specialized cost estimating training not only improves the performance of the team, but also serves as a claim to attract the best professionals and retain talent.


    Whenever you’re estimating costs, it helps to use an online software to collect all of your project information. A project cost management tool that can be used together with many of these techniques to help facilitate the process. Use online software to define your project teams, tasks and goals. Even manage your vendors and track costs as the project unfolds.

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